Camping completely without power

Some campers opt deliberately for camping without electricity – others do not. The latter are, however, often surprised by the situation that the campground operators does not emit a stream of time campers principle or because of a technical supply bottleneck. Also, there are frequently reported complete blackouts. We provide alternatives through which you can make your individual camping comfort without power source.

Electroless kitchen on vacation

Laborious complete supply in-house or just a morning coffee cooking and/or an evening barbecue fun? In any case, there is a suitable electroless equipment. Most campers prefer gas stove (from 20 euros) with interchangeable screw cartridges (from 7 Euro), as these devices are easy to store and easy to handle. A cartridge donates gas for two weeks, a second cartridge should be included as a precaution.

The making facilities on a charcoal grill (30 Euro) enrich the enormous menu. You should use charcoal where space is entrained in large quantities because the fuel costs on site experience, more than at home.

For the cooling of food and beverages (from 20 euros) electroless cooler replaces the thermoelectric cooler. However, this is labor intensive to operate, as the cooling elements always do their service hours only satisfactory and must be replaced afterwards. Any good camping site has however as free service performance to the freezing of cooling elements.